Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The BEST Oatmeal Cookies

The story goes that my Mom got this recipe from a friend "back in Michigan" (where my parents lived shortly after getting married and where I was born).  They quickly became a family favorite.  So much so, that there were many a Christmas mornings when my Dad opened a box to find an entire batch of Oatmeal Cookies made entirely for him.  To this day, I think that is one of the best presents I can give him.

A few years back, there was this recipe going around that was referred to as "Engagement Chicken".  Anyone else remember that?  I guess the story went that if you wanted to get married to your boyfriend, you would simply have to make this chicken dish and he would love it so much that you would soon get engaged.  Well then I guess you could call these "Engagement Oatmeal Cookies", because I truly think that tasting these cookies and the promise of more in the future, may have been what swayed my husband to want to marry me.  He loved them so much that he was even a bit upset when he heard I had shared the recipe with a friend... and then was pleased when he later heard her say that they "didn't come out as good" as the ones I had made.

So don't tell my husband I'm sharing this recipe, again.  And I'm sure when you make them, they will be excellent!  So here goes, The Best Oatmeal Cookies you will EVER eat.  You may want to print off this recipe, just in case it self destructs...he he!

Happy Baking!


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