Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday Favorites.... a few days late

Since Wednesday's post was called "Where do you find your Design Inspiration?' and about the many options available, I thought I'd focus my Friday Favorites on where, specifically, I find some of my inspiration.

1.  We mentioned Pinterest as quite possibly being the place to go when you need ideas.  Above,  I've spotlighted of few of the pinners I follow that are constantly pinning good stuff.  You might want to follow them too .... and follow me while you're at it...I'm jjillcamp.

2.  These three blogs have been around for quite a while now and tend to set the standard for everyone else who wants to get into blogging about design and lifestyle, me included.  My favorite features on Design Mom is her "Living with Kids" home tour series.  I love to peak into the homes of other real families and see how they live.  Apartment Therapy also features rooms from designers and DIY'ers.  Little Green Notebook is a very thoughtfully curated blog by a designer Jenny Komenda, whos work has been featured in countless publications.

3.  I have always loved Disney animation and photography.  So it's no surprise that some of my favorite art comes from those two areas.   Mary Blair was an artist with Disney who's beautiful work is fun and feminine.  The 6 female artists who put together the book "Lovely" - Ladies of Animation  continue that tradition with their pretty and individual styles.  I also love the beach and Gray Malin's stunning photographs are incredible.  I hope to own one some day.

4.  As I mentioned before, HGTV and Domino are some of the current magazines I read, as well as Coastal Living and one I just discovered recently from Australia, Inside Out.  These layouts tend to feature a very relaxed vibe and livable spaces.  I've also be enjoying the new book "Elements of Style" by Erin Gates of

5.  It seems that many stores are opting for online stores instead of catalogs now, but I do still love the annual Ikea catalog for their space planning and use of small spaces and Pottery Barn not just for the furniture and accessories, but the homes they photograph always have such beautiful architectural detailing.

6.  Remember when HGTV used to show design shows?  Those were the days.  Any of Sarah Richardson's shows are good.  They do still show up occasionally on my DVR.  "Sarah's House" and "Sarah 101"are my favorites.  HGTV Design Star winner, Emily Henderson, hasn't been on the network very much recently, but they need to bring back her show "Secrets from a Stylist".  In the meantime, she writes one of my absolute favorite blogs  My current go to HGTV show right now is "Fixer Upper".  The husband and wife team of Chip and Joanna Gaines manages to mix what the network's current angle seems to be (buying and selling homes) with what, I think, the viewers want.  Good, creative and professional renovation and interior design.

Let me know about your design inspiration.  Leave a comment below.  
Have a great weekend!


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